Software Training

I have recently tapped into a need in the business community for computer "tutoring". The fact is that many people need to use a computer to function in their jobs, and most teach themselves or learn piece by piece. I provide specialized, customized, one-on-one basic training in Microsoft Office software products.

My training approach only teaches those skills that the Trainee doesn’t already possess. Trainees can often demonstrate some, if not all, of the skills taught in the training program. However, my training program has a way of allowing the MEDIUM to HIGH performers to “test out” of the training program. This is accomplished by simply administering the final Performance Test to those performers, providing any remedial/on-the-spot training, if necessary. This approach saves time and money, plus giving credit where credit is due to competent performers.

Clients Include:

Kneedler|Fauchère Group - An interior design firm transitioning four showrooms from tracking orders in handwritten triplicate to software based applications. I trained entire staff of nearly 100 employees how to use Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center - A medical clinic transitioning from handwritten, paper patient charts to electronic medical records. I acted as support and "on the spot" trainer and trained each employee how to use Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Publisher to enhance clinic communication with patients and other physicians.

Compliments - A private salon transitioning from handwritten schedules and services list to computer based business management. I trained the owner how to use Microsoft Outlook to manage the companies schedule and email communications.